About our Lab


Our research aims to elucidate the cellular and molecular regulation of mammalian heart regeneration.  The neonatal mouse, similar to lower organisms, is capable of regenerating its heart following injury. This indicates that the genes, the mechanisms and the mechanics required for regenerating the heart exist in the mammalian genome. Why and how these regenerative mechanisms are shut off in the adult mammalian heart is unknown.

Our goal in the lab is to identify the mechanisms that govern heart regeneration in order to reawaken these dormant regenerative mechanisms in the adult heart. This approach will allow us to develop novel targeted therapeutic approaches.

We study evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of regeneration, which serves as a road map to unlock the mysteries of heart regeneration in the mammalian heart. Using molecular biology, genetic mouse models, proteomic and genomic tools, we aim to generate a regulatory network of heart regeneration that can be harnessed for regenerative therapies.

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